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MINER'S LIFE.----ILLUSTRATED. The Honest Miner's Songs. The One he Sung at Home. The One he sings Here. 1854.
Title MINER'S LIFE.----ILLUSTRATED. The Honest Miner's Songs. The One he Sung at Home. The One he sings Here.
Published Published by Barber and Baker, corner of Third and J Street, Sacramento. No date [circa 1854].
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Description Two leaves. Large wood-engraving, Miner's Home at top, and 12 other wood-engravings showing the life of a gold prospector to the front page; the remaining blanks filled with a letter home to England from a young miner. Condition poor: torn and worn and stained, the two leaves separated; but a rare item, with a fascinating letter home from Thomas Cockburn. 'Dear Mother, I take the Pleasure of riting a few lines to inform you that I am well at present hopping this will find you the same I recvied your letter on December 31 1854 Dated Nov. 16 1854 and was sorry to here of you and Robert being sick and Margrat misforton I think she wil be as old as Mother Dear Mother I wil send you 4 pounds for your New Years Gift Pleas to give My ant Sara 10 Shillings for her new years gift you must give nice Jane a New Dres and Nephew George a New coat if he is a good boy to his Grandmother and delivers the tobacco Pleas to send my nice Rebicca a New Dres and let her no that I am coming home next year to Marry her I was sorry to here of Janes Misforton I should like to see her now I wounder if she is as spunkey as ever let her know that I will never for get her for her kindness to me Coming from Northam with the cakes and every thing nice for me when I was sick I am working at present but work is very dul for this is winter it rains very much her in winter but this winter hase been a very good winter for work in the Citys and a very bad winter in the mines for want of rain to wash the dirt for the gold it is raining very hard at present the have been but very few days rain this winter I will be finished with my work in a day or two and I wil go up to the mines for to try my luck if I have good luck I wil come home to see My Mother and all my frinds I got a letter to my cusin Joseph on the 16 – of Jan 1855 and was too late for the post by a few minutes I wil send it with this I have not recvied a letter from Joseph tel him to rite to me Alexander Young is here and he sends his Kind love to his father and Mother he is doueing very wel he sase he has ben here since 1849 I have met in with a nother young man from Tweedsmouth Hennry Adam Sidey he is in a flour mil working he hase ben very kind to me he had a brother with Rolands the plumber he sends his best Resepts to his Mother and brothers and sisters when to rite let me no if his Mother is living and how his brothers and sisters if they are all wel He sends his rescepts to William Skelly the Butcher in Tweedsmouth I have not recived anney papers you sent to me the don't come I think it wil be best for not to send aney more Willam and the Children sends there kind love to his mother and all his Brothers and sisters and enquiring frinds he saes he wil rite to you in corse of a few weeks wee git all the English papers here when the Mail comes in and wee are very anchis to here a bout the war let me no if Alexander hase gone to the war or where he is I am very glad to here of Brother Joseph doing so wel Please to rite as soon as you recive the money and let me no all the news I must conclude with wishing you all a happy New Yaer Brothers Sisters uncals and Ants and Cusines my to Ant Sara uncle George Cusine Joseph and wife recpts to David Bell John Roberson and all my enquiring frinds. Let me no where James Mathison is Your son truly Thomas Cockburn San Francisco California.'