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Description Two 19th century manuscript books of illustrated limericks by the same hand, The first, titled Anecdotes (from memory) of Sixteen Wonderful Old Women Dedicated (by Permission) to Miss Stuart - by a celebrated Historical Portrait Painter, is a reworking of John Harris's, History of Sixteen Wonderful Old Women, published in 1820, The verses are the same, though the pen & ink illustrations differ greatly. The second work, The History of Sixteen Wonder Old Men. Written A designed as a Companion to the History of Sixteen Wonderful Old Women, is not, as one might suppose, a reworking of E. Marshall publication of 1821, Anecdotes and Adventures of fifteen Gentlemen, but would appear to an entirely original work. Neither book is signed or dated, but there is a watermark of 1827 in the second work. The first work is rather tired and has many turned corners; the second work is a very good condition.